Composerly Thoughts

Exploring the unconventional imaginings that lead us to do, say and make stuff that never before existed

Walking into my composition lesson with Steven Stucky, I unsteadily confessed that I hadn’t composed a single note for the second week in a row. A first-year graduate student hounded by insecurities and doubts, I couldn’t write so much as a mezzo forte without second-guessing, third-guessing, and fourth-guessing myself. Steve replied in his typically mild-mannered style. Unproductive periods were going to happen from time to time, but I would be fine as long as I just kept "thinking composerly thoughts every day.”

Composerly thoughts. I'm still thinking them now, thirty-five years later.

Some of my composerly thoughts are about other people's music. Some are about the relationships, insights, and joys that music makes possible. And some are not about music at all, but instead are about how we 
This is your invitation to think composerly thoughts with me.

Elizabeth Alexander, Composer-in-Chief
Seafarer Press

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